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Our Process 

Above all, we want to ensure that you have a happy and healthy puppy that you can have as a wonderful companion. We want to share the joy that frenchies bring to our lives with you. As such, we have a pretty simple 4 step process

1. Test and Validate

All of our frenchies in our frenchie family have been DNA tested for quality to ensure that they do not have genetic diseases that can be passed down to their children that will adversely affect their lives. Whether we use our studs, or a stud from a different breeding program, we are selective to ensure the litter born is healthy. 

2. Raise and Socialize

Every litter that we whelp is raised in the comfort of our home, in the best whelping conditions possible. Moms are taken care of with the best quality food and pups are whelped with top of the line kibble. We value socialization with our pups. This is why we ensure that all our pups are socialized from an early age so that they can share their excitement about meeting you when they go to their new home.

3. Health Check

We want to ensure that our pups are happy and healthy. In doing so, we maintain a strict vaccine and reworming schedule, vet examinations and regular quality care. Before a pup goes to their new home, the pup is started on their puppy series and deworming schedule. They are also given vitamins and organic minerals to aid in their development. Once the vet clears the pups, they are then ready to go to their new homes. We offer a standard health guarantee for all our pups. 

4. Meet New Families

Once the puppy is ready to go, we coordinate with our families to arrange for a time for them to meet and pick up their pup. All our pups come with their health paperwork, care instructions and a goodie starter bag. We offer families full AKC and limited pet options. 

How to get a puppy? 

If you are interested in making a frenchie a part of your family, reach out to see what we have available or upcoming.


Our waiting lists fill up fast, especially for colors like lilac, merle and blue. To get on our waiting list, the fee is $300. This will be credited towards the purchase of your pup.


Send us a message via email (, or on social media - @classicfrenchies on Facebook and Instagram.


We are happy to answer any questions that you may have and look forward to having you join the families that we have been able to make happy with a frenchie puppy. 

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